About BBQ Junkie

Hi! Welcome to my BBQ blog! My name is Roy and I am the owner of BBQ Junkie. Or actually I am BBQ Junkie. I am addicted to the BBQ and prefer to light it as much as possible! In 2015 this resulted in the start of bbq-junkie.nl and in 2021 I also started bbq-junkie.com. The Dutch version is a BBQ recipe website / blog, full of recipes, tips, blogs and reviews, with enough inspiration for your next BBQ. For bbq-junkie.com that is coming too!

In 2018 I was nominated for the award of Dutch BBQ Blogger of the Year and I also won!

Roy, owner and blogger at BBQ Junkie

Why a BBQ website?

Today the internet is full of numerous recipe websites and food blogs. In recent years, blogs in particular that focus on healthy eating and losing weight have sprung up. 'Then why a recipe website?' you may ask.

As mentioned, I started a few years ago with bbq-junkie.nl. I started that website because I enjoy building and maintaining websites. I also really enjoy showing what I cook on the BBQ and I hope to inspire others with my recipes, including the BBQ.

Now I want to do the same with bbq-junkie.com, but for an international audience. There are millions of BBQ enthusiasts worldwide that I cannot reach with my Dutch blog. With this English-language BBQ website I therefore hope to be able to inspire even more people with my BBQ recipes.

What is BBQ Junkie?

BBQ Junkie is a blog / recipe website, emerged from a BBQ hobby that got out of hand. Where I once started grilling satay, burgers and bratwurst straight from the supermarket, nowadays I prefer to walk the less beaten path. Trying out new recipes, composing my own recipes and slow cooking are the things I enjoy doing nowadays and I am happy to share all this with you.

With this website I hope to inspire others to pass the BBQ meat in the supermarket and surprise their guests with a new dish that they have made all by themselves! Or to spend the Sunday afternoon slowly smoking and cooking a nice piece of meat and eating it with family or friends. You will see that BBQing does not have to be difficult at all and that preparing a delicious BBQ dish yourself is very satisfying. Both for you and for your guests! But watch out, because before you know it everyone wants to eat with you!

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