Cote de Boeuf with Roasted Garlic

Côte de Boeuf with Roasted Garlic

I always find the Côte de Boeuf one of the most beautiful pieces of meat. With that bone and the fat marbling in the meat, it is simply a pleasure to see and in terms of preparation you do not have to do any crazy things to get a fantastic taste. With only 5 ingredients, this recipe proves that. The main ingredient in this recipe is, after the meat of course, the garlic. This is because it is puffed first and this gives it a delicious soft and sweet taste, which fits very well with the Côte de Boeuf. This recipe is definitely recommended for those who love a nice big steak from the BBQ!

Cote de Boeuf with Roasted Garlic
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Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Resting Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours
Course: Main Course
Keyword: cote de boeuf, roasted garlic
Servings: 4 people


  • 1 kilogram Côte de Boeuf
  • 1 bulb Garlic
  • 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • Coarse Sea Salt

Overige Benodigdheden:

  • BBQ with Lid
  • Core Thermometer
  • Basting Brush
  • Aluminium foil


  • Fire up the BBQ and prepare it for indirect heat and a temperature of about 150 degrees Celsius (302 Fahrenheit).
  • Take the garlic bulb and cut off the top, so that you can just see the cloves. Now put the bulb on a piece of aluminium foil and drizzle some olive oil over it. Sprinkle with a little sea salt and black pepper and then fold the garlic in the aluminum foil.
  • Is the BBQ at the right temperature? Put the garlic on the BBQ, close the BBQ with the lid and let the garlic roast for an hour. In the meantime, take the Côte de Boeuf out of the refrigerator to let it slowly come to room temperature.
  • After an hour, remove the garlic bulb from the BBQ and adjust the temperature of the BBQ to indirect heat and a temperature of around 120 degrees Celsius (248 Fahrenheit).
  • Sprinkle the Côte de Boeuf all around with freshly ground black pepper and coarse sea salt.
  • Is the BBQ at the right temperature again? Place the meat on the grid and close the BBQ with the lid. Do you use a core thermometer with a probe attached to a wire? First insert the probe into the meat so that you can keep track of the temperature. Now cook the Côte de Boeuf indirectly to a core temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).
  • In the meantime, squeeze the garlic bulb and put into a bowl. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the bowl and mix it with the roasted garlic. Set the bowl aside for later use.
  • When the meat has reached the core temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit), take it off the BBQ. Then prepare the BBQ for direct heat and a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius (392 Fahrenheit). When that temperature has been reached place the Côte de Boeuf back on the BBQ and grill it for 2 minutes on one side. Then turn the meat over and grill the other side for 2 minutes. Meanwhile brush the grilled side with the roasted garlic with a basting brush.
  • Turn the Côte de Boeuf over again after 2 minutes and brush the freshly grilled side with roasted garlic. Now grill both sides of the meat for another minute, until the meat has reached a core temperature of 52 degrees Celsius (126 Fahrenheit).
  • Remove the Côte de Boeuf from the BBQ and let it rest on a plate for 8 minutes. Then take the meat to the table and cut it with a sharp knife into portions under the eyes of your guests. Enjoy your meal!
Côte de Boeuf with roasted garlic
Côte de Boeuf with roasted garlic
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