Zucchini with Garlic and Lemon

Zucchini with Garlic and Lemon

Sometimes a side dish is so simple that a recipe is not really necessary. But because this zucchini with garlic and lemon was so delicious, I don’t want you to miss this recipe! Grilling slices of zucchini on the BBQ is perhaps the easiest way to prepare vegetables on the BBQ. With some olive oil, salt and pepper, zucchini is already very tasty, but if you add some extra flavors it becomes so good! These slices of zucchini, with garlic and lemon are highly recommended!

Zucchini with Garlic and Lemon
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Course: Side Dish
Keyword: courgette, zucchini
Servings: 2 people


  • 1 Zucchini
  • 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 tablespoons Lemon Juice
  • 1 clove Garlic
  • Zest of 1 Lemon
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Overige Benodigdheden:

  • BBQ
  • Basting Brush (optional)


  • Fire up the BBQ and prepare it for direct heat with a temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius (356 Fahrenheit).
  • Wash the zucchini and cut it into slices about 1 centimeter thick. Take a large mixing bowl and add the olive oil and lemon juice. Squeeze the clove of garlic with a garlic press and add to the bowl. Now add a lot of black pepper and the lemon zest and mix it together. Then add the slices of zucchini. Mix everything together and let the flavors absorb for a while.
  • Is the BBQ at the right temperature? Place the zucchini slices directly on the grill rack and grill them until they soften and have a nice grill line on both sides. This will take about 10 minutes. Then take the slices from the BBQ and serve the zucchini immediately.
  • You can also brush the zucchini slices in between with the leftover marinade from the bowl for some extra taste. Enjoy your meal!

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