Pulled Chicken Nacho’s

A long time ago I bought myself a set of beautiful cast iron skillets that I can use on the BBQ. I use them all the time and this time it was for BBQ nachos again. I opted for an appetizer in Mexican style; Pulled Chicken Nachos. With delicious pieces of BBQ chicken, tortilla chips, pickled jalapeños, grated cheddar, and of course, guacamole! So good! It’s delightful to enjoy this together while the rest of the food is on the way!

Mexican Nacho’s with Ground Beef

BBQ Nachos, I love them! Whether it’s as an appetizer or a snack with drinks, I’m always in favor! That might explain why I already have several nacho recipes online. But here’s another one for you because this recipe for Mexican Nachos with Ground Beef was missing. And it should be on your to-do list because you definitely want to taste these!

Atomic Buffalo Turds

A truly classic BBQ snack is the Atomic Buffalo Turd or ABT. A spicy buffalo turd. Strange name, delicious snack! I make them with regularity because they are easy to prepare, have a nice spicy flavor and are ideal as an appetizer beforehand! In short, ABTs are herb cheese nen cheddar stuffed jalapeños wrapped with bacon. Yes I said bacon. This is what you want!  

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

Although I often prepare a whole meal on the BBQ, I also like to serve all kinds of small bites. Think chicken wings, my grilled cheese sandwich rolls or pork belly burnt ends, for example. You can add these pieces of pineapple in bacon to that list, because they are great for snacking! Perfect for an evening of BBQ tapas or some appetizers with drinks.

Sticky Chicken Wings

Chicken wings from the BBQ is surely a BBQ classic, but I hadn’t actually written a recipe online for tasty, sticky chicken wings yet. That had to change, because chicken wings are the perfect appetizer and are also great as a snack with a drink. Besides, you can cook a lot of them at once on your BBQ and feed a large group. So, enough reasons why a sticky chicken wing recipe should be on the website and well, here it is!

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Rolls

Sometimes you come across recipes online that you immediately think “I want to eat this!”. I had that a while back with a recipe by Dennis from BBQ-NL. I believe he had also come across it elsewhere and put his own spin on it. Anyway, when I saw these grilled cheese rolls, or bacon cheese sticks as Dennis called them, I immediately put them pretty high on my to-do list. And not unfairly too, because these are really good! I followed a slightly different preparation method and used the tip […]


Street Corn Nachos

One of my favorite BBQ appetizers and snacks are nachos. You can really wake me up at night for a skillet full of nachos with melted cheese and other tasty ingredients! have already put variants with pulled pork and pulled chicken online and with this recipe I am expanding the range with a tasty, vegetarian street corn variant. A bowl full of nachos, with the best flavours of Mexican street corn. Delicious!

pulled pork nachos

Pulled Pork Nachos

Making pulled pork on the BBQ is a lot of fun, but you don’t make it for a dinner for two. It is usually at least a kilo of meat that you are going to prepare. Of course, friends will have no problem stopping by for dinner, but if you do have leftovers, this Pulled Pork Nachos recipe is one you should definitely try! Super easy and great as a starter!

BBQ Chicken Nuggets

I came across this recipe for chicken nuggets in a Dorito jacket a few times already and it always seemed very tasty to me. I was also curious whether you can prepare these chicken nuggets on the BBQ and I think you can guess the answer: Yes, you can! It’s a super easy recipe with just a few ingredients. I’m sure everyone will love these BBQ chicken nuggets. More good news: you can try all the Doritos flavors!

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

In the last couple of years Pork Belly Burnt Ends went from a hype to a true BBQ classic. Rightly so, because pork belly burnt ends are a delicious smoky and sweet BBQ snack made from pork belly. Cutting it into cubes and slowly smoking and cooking it will make the cubes butter tender and damn tasty. They almost melt away on your tongue. This recipe is definitely worth trying!

Portobello Mushrooms Caprese

Portobello Mushrooms Caprese

My family and I love to eat some vegetables at our BBQ dinner too. First of all to make a BBQ meal a complete dinner, but also because BBQ veggies can be really tasty. Do you also like some vegetables on the grill? Or do you have vegetarians at your dining table sometimes? Eitherway, these filled portobello’s caprese are a must! The preparation is simple and they are not only very tasty, they also look beautiful. Are you gonna try them?  



I had often read about MOINK balls, but never made them. So it was about time. MOINK stands for the combination of ground beef and bacon. So Moo & Oink. Originally these MOINK Balls are cooked with ready-to-use Italian meatballs, but because these are not available in The Netherlands we have the official NOSKOS Rule which allows us to make our own meatballs. The MOINK balls are indirectly cooked and smoked, which results in a deliciously tender meatball, wrapped in bacon, with a wonderfully smoky taste. What more could you […]