Honey Mustard Onions

Another side dish that takes so little time to prepare, but is so delicious! These honey mustard onions are delicious alongside a perfectly cooked steak, but you can also use them as a topping for a delicious burger. And the temperature at which you cook them is pretty flexible, too. So it’s easy to combine them with other dishes. One thing is for sure; all your guests will love this!  

Atomic Buffalo Turds

A truly classic BBQ snack is the Atomic Buffalo Turd or ABT. A spicy buffalo turd. Strange name, delicious snack! I make them with regularity because they are easy to prepare, have a nice spicy flavor and are ideal as an appetizer beforehand! In short, ABTs are herb cheese nen cheddar stuffed jalape├▒os wrapped with bacon. Yes I said bacon. This is what you want!  

Asian Spareribs

Spareribs. It remains a classic BBQ dish that is enjoyed by many. In fact, making spareribs also allows you to vary flavors endlessly, allowing you to keep experimenting! Preparing spare ribs on the BBQ requires a lot of time and patience, but the wait pays off. In fact, I find spareribs fully cooked on the BBQ much tastier. With this Asian spareribs recipe, I focused on a sweet but spicy flavor. Give them a try and let me know what you thought!  

Caramel Fudge Brownie

When I fire up the BBQ here I always try to make a variety of dishes. I am usually of the starters, main and side dishes and my partner often comes up with the ideas for desserts. Generally those desserts feature chocolate, dough or some other ingredient that is very filling. So regularly people leave here feeling that they may have eaten just a little too much.. Can happen! Such a delicious dessert as this Caramel Fudge Brownie is hard to pass up, right?

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

Although I often prepare a whole meal on the BBQ, I also like to serve all kinds of small bites. Think chicken wings, my grilled cheese sandwich rolls or pork belly burnt ends, for example. You can add these pieces of pineapple in bacon to that list, because they are great for snacking! Perfect for an evening of BBQ tapas or some appetizers with drinks.

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

With chicken from BBQ, everyone quickly thinks of satay. Logical, because it is about the most eaten BBQ dish in the Netherlands. However, I hardly ever make satay these days. Not because I don’t like it, but there is so much more that can be done with chicken. This time I made chicken teryaki skewers. Sticky chicken skewers with a little bit of heat, a little bit of salt and a hint of sweet. Topped with toasted sesame seeds and rings of spring onion. Delicious right?  

Bacon Bourbon Chicken Kebabs

Way back, I received a book of Jord Althuizen’s, No Worries BBQ. One of my favorite dishes from that book were the Bacon Bourbon Chicken Kebabs. A simple, but delicious BBQ dish (the book is full of those anyway), of which I am now sharing my own version with you. You should definitely try these kebabs on the BBQ, because they are an absolute delight!

Tuna Steak in Sesame Crust

Along with salmon, tuna is probably one of the most popular types of fish to eat. It is also one of the most expensive. You can eat tuna raw, for example in sushi, but a grilled tuna steak is also very tasty. Especially if you grill it on the BBQ! With tuna, by the way, the taste depends on the quality of the fish. So go for a good piece of tuna, because otherwise it will disappoint. My favorite tuna steak is this one, coated in white and black sesame […]

Jacket Potato

A jacketpotato is always very tasty and is regularly preferred by me over fries when I go out to eat. Great with a nice steak, a little lighter and fresher than fries with mayo and therefore the ideal side dish. And you can also easily make your own jacket potatoes on the BBQ. Take your time and use the last 10 minutes to grill a delicious steak.  

Low & Slow Spareribs

Spareribs from the BBQ. Who doesn’t love them? I certainly do! And I love to spend a free Sunday preparing them! Lighting the BBQ and slowly cooking the spareribs at a low temperature. It doesn’t get any better than that! And say it for yourself, when you make something from scratch it only tastes better, right?

Roasted Cauliflower

I think I start every recipe for vegetables from the BBQ the same way, but I’m just going to say it again: When I fire up the BBQ I try to cook a complete meal on it. Vegetables are part of that, but I notice that many people still find it difficult to prepare vegetables on the BBQ. Yes, a corn on the cob is okay and grilling some bell pepper is just fine. But that’s about it. And yet the possibilities are endless. A while back I saw a […]

Picanha with Chimichurri

A BBQ is still often seen for quick grilling of burgers, sausages and other relatively small pieces of meat and fish. However, a BBQ with a lid is suitable for much more than that. You can also prepare larger pieces of meat on it at low temperatures. A nice picanha, also known as rump cap, for example. Picanha from the BBQ is delicious with chimichurri! The preparation of this picanha recipe takes just a little preparation time and is also very easy. The only challenge in preparing this BBQ picanha […]