Maybe you already know it, because you ever traveled to South America, or had dinner at an Argentinian restaurant. Chimichurri is a salsa or sauce based on green herbs that is delicious with beef, but also with chicken. It originated in Argentina, where they often serve it as a sauce, but also use it to marinate meat. The name of this sauce probably comes from the Irishman Jimmy McCurry, who fought for Argentina’s independence in the 19th century. He seems to be the first person to make the chimichurri, so […]

Bacon Jam

Yes, this is exactly what the name suggests: spreadable bacon. And it is really good! I bought it in a jar before, but I also came across a recipe on the Internet to make it myself. It didn’t look that difficult at all, so I needed to try it myself. The result is a simple yet highly addictive bacon jam. I use it on burgers, between a grilled cheese sandwich or as a topping for fries. And believe me, when you taste this you really just want to spoon out […]