BBQ Junkie: A BBQ Blog based on a hobby that got out of hand

Combine the hobby of BBQing with that of setting up websites and you have BBQ Junkie. A BBQ hobby that got out of hand in the form of a website / food blog. Got out of hand in the good sense of the word, of course, because I really enjoy preparing all kinds of dishes on the BBQ and trying out new BBQ recipes, photographing them beautifully and then working them out and sharing them with you.

I share my BBQ experiences, tried BBQ recipes and everything I encounter on this website, hoping to inspire others to light the BBQ more often. Because there is nothing better than cooking outside! You will therefore find many BBQ recipes here, but also blogs and product reviews. I find everything that has to do with BBQ and outdoor cooking interesting and you will come across here.

My BBQ recipes

BBQ'ing is a broad concept and there are countless BBQ recipes available on the internet. With BBQ Junkie I mainly focus on everything I like myself. My recipes are inspired by magazines and cookbooks, the ingredients in the fridge and tips I get from fellow BBQ Junkies. In the summer you will mainly see easy and fast recipes, while in the winter I will choose low & slow BBQ recipes more often, where I spend all day slowly cooking a nice piece of meat. The typical American BBQ dishes come along, because these are dishes that you must have made at least once. But you will also see many recipes that have been translated from the kitchen to the BBQ. Really cooking outside. Delicious!

If you have any questions or tips for one of my BBQ recipes, comment at the bottom of the recipe page, or find me via one of my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram). Have you prepared one of my recipes or do you make other delicious BBQ recipes? Then of course I like to see it! Post a photo on social media, use #bbqjunkie and tag me because I love to see delicious BBQ dishes!