BBQ Snacks

The BBQ is of course ideal for preparing large pieces of meat, but sometimes you want smaller dishes or snacks from the BBQ. This can be in the form of BBQ tapas, by preparing various small BBQ snacks, but BBQ snacks are also ideal to serve with a drink.

The best BBQ snacks

I myself really enjoy serving BBQ snacks when I have invited a large group for dinner. You can often put many BBQ snacks on your BBQ at the same time and the preparation is often not very long.

BBQ Tapas

An evening full of tapas from the BBQ is also a lot of fun to do. Serve various small snacks from the BBQ in different courses, where everyone can take whatever he or she likes. Are you going for BBQ tapas? Compile your courses in such a way that you are looking for similar recipes in terms of type of preparation, preparation temperature and preparation time. This way you can prepare several snacks on the BBQ at the same time. Do you have more than one BBQ? Then you are of course a lot more flexible in this.

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