Flank Steak Roulade

Grilling flank steak, also known as bavette, is always a great idea. In a previous recipe, I explained how to prepare Bavette or flank steak on the BBQ. In this recipe, we’re also working with a delicious flank steak, but we’re turning it into a flank steak roulade. We’ll fill it with tasty ingredients, then slowly cook it before giving it a final sear. Then, we’ll let the Bavette roulade rest for a few minutes before slicing it into beautiful pieces and serving. And what’s even more fun: With the […]

Rotisserie Chicken Shawarma

Firing up the BBQ for a bunch of people is a real weekend treat. How fun is it to prepare your own chicken shawarma on the BBQ, with the help of a rotisserie? Plus, it’s much tastier than ordering or buying from the supermarket! Cooking chicken shawarma on the BBQ is actually not difficult at all. You just need to take the time for it, and everything will turn out fine. I promise!

Beercan Burgers

It’s Burger Friday! This time with a unique twist because these burgers have no buns! No buns? Indeed! No buns. These Beercan Burgers are substantial in size and are filled with all sorts of deliciousness. All of this makes a beercan burger a meal in itself. A bun won’t fit anymore, although you’re welcome to try ofcourse!

Roadkill Chicken

While Beer Can Chicken is a true BBQ classic, I don’t consider it the best way to cook a whole chicken on the BBQ. My preference is a spatchcocked chicken, also known as roadkill chicken. The name ‘Roadkill Chicken’ comes from the flat shape, as if run over by a truck. By cooking the chicken flat, you achieve more even cooking, and the skin becomes crispier than with Beer Can Chicken. This doesn’t take away from the fact that chicken on a can is also very tasty, but I find […]


Coleslaw. A simple recipe, but a salad that pairs well with BBQ. Coleslaw is a perfect companion for pulled pork, and I recently made it with pulled beef as well; it’s a salad that always complements the BBQ! Moreover, it’s a salad that’s super easy to prepare fresh and is also quickly ready.

Mexican Nacho’s with Ground Beef

BBQ Nachos, I love them! Whether it’s as an appetizer or a snack with drinks, I’m always in favor! That might explain why I already have several nacho recipes online. But here’s another one for you because this recipe for Mexican Nachos with Ground Beef was missing. And it should be on your to-do list because you definitely want to taste these!

Sirloin Steaks with Chimichurri

After a series of just hamburgers, it was time for something different. And coincidentally, I had 2 sirloin steak steaks in the freezer. And what is better with a delicious sirloin steak than Chimichurri? Nothing! So the choice was made! I prepared the sirloin steaks using the Reverse Sear method. You can read below what that involves and why I do it, but you can cook your steak however you like!

Atomic Buffalo Turds

A truly classic BBQ snack is the Atomic Buffalo Turd or ABT. A spicy buffalo turd. Strange name, delicious snack! I make them with regularity because they are easy to prepare, have a nice spicy flavor and are ideal as an appetizer beforehand! In short, ABTs are herb cheese nen cheddar stuffed jalapeños wrapped with bacon. Yes I said bacon. This is what you want!  

Jacket Potato

A jacketpotato is always very tasty and is regularly preferred by me over fries when I go out to eat. Great with a nice steak, a little lighter and fresher than fries with mayo and therefore the ideal side dish. And you can also easily make your own jacket potatoes on the BBQ. Take your time and use the last 10 minutes to grill a delicious steak.  

Low & Slow Spareribs

Spareribs from the BBQ. Who doesn’t love them? I certainly do! And I love to spend a free Sunday preparing them! Lighting the BBQ and slowly cooking the spareribs at a low temperature. It doesn’t get any better than that! And say it for yourself, when you make something from scratch it only tastes better, right?

Picanha with Chimichurri

A BBQ is still often seen for quick grilling of burgers, sausages and other relatively small pieces of meat and fish. However, a BBQ with a lid is suitable for much more than that. You can also prepare larger pieces of meat on it at low temperatures. A nice picanha, also known as rump cap, for example. Picanha from the BBQ is delicious with chimichurri! The preparation of this picanha recipe takes just a little preparation time and is also very easy. The only challenge in preparing this BBQ picanha […]

Sticky Chicken Wings

Chicken wings from the BBQ is surely a BBQ classic, but I hadn’t actually written a recipe online for tasty, sticky chicken wings yet. That had to change, because chicken wings are the perfect appetizer and are also great as a snack with a drink. Besides, you can cook a lot of them at once on your BBQ and feed a large group. So, enough reasons why a sticky chicken wing recipe should be on the website and well, here it is!