Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken

There are many ways to prepare chicken on the BBQ, but rotisserie chicken is one of my favorites. It not only looks great, it also tastes very good! This great taste is created by grilling the chicken above direct heat and because of the fact that the chicken is basting itself with its own fat when using the rotisserie. There are various rotisseries available for the BBQ and which one you need depends on the type of BBQ you have. I use one for my Kamado, but there are also […]

Oriental Styl Pork Belly

Oriental Pork Belly

Pork belly is a beautiful piece of meat that is perfect for preparing on the BBQ. In terms of taste, you can go in all directions with pork belly and in this recipe we go the Eastern way, with a delicious marinade based on hoisin sauce and soy sauce. You can add smoking wood to the preparation, but the taste is already great without. So get the ingredients and plan an afternoon in the garden, because you absolutely want to taste this!  



I had often read about MOINK balls, but never made them. So it was about time. MOINK stands for the combination of ground beef and bacon. So Moo & Oink. Originally these MOINK Balls are cooked with ready-to-use Italian meatballs, but because these are not available in The Netherlands we have the official NOSKOS Rule which allows us to make our own meatballs. The MOINK balls are indirectly cooked and smoked, which results in a deliciously tender meatball, wrapped in bacon, with a wonderfully smoky taste. What more could you […]

Dutch Oven No Knead Bread

Dutch Oven Bread

There is nothing better than freshly baked bread! And of course I don’t mean baking a baguette from the supermarket in the oven. I mean baking your own bread from scratch. A while ago I came across a video in which a loaf of bread was baked in a Dutch Oven. A cast iron pan with lid, which can be placed on the BBQ. Of course I had to try it. And I can tell you: you want to try this too, because this is really delicious! It takes quite […]

Beercan Chicken

BBQ Classic: Beer Can Chicken

One of the most famous BBQ dishes is the Beer Can Chicken. It’s also one of the first dishes BBQ enthusiasts make when discovering the world of indirect grilling and smoking. Beer Can Chicken may sound a bit like a real man’s dish, but it certainly isn’t! Although there is an eternal debate about the effect of the beer, the beer can mainly serves as the standard for the chicken. Instead of a beer can you can also buy a chicken sitter. Grilling the chicken indirectly gives you a deliciously […]

Cote de Boeuf with Roasted Garlic

Côte de Boeuf with Roasted Garlic

I always find the Côte de Boeuf one of the most beautiful pieces of meat. With that bone and the fat marbling in the meat, it is simply a pleasure to see and in terms of preparation you do not have to do any crazy things to get a fantastic taste. With only 5 ingredients, this recipe proves that. The main ingredient in this recipe is, after the meat of course, the garlic. This is because it is puffed first and this gives it a delicious soft and sweet taste, […]