MOINK Burgers

MOINK Balls have become a true BBQ classic that every BBQ enthusiast must try. The combination of delicious meatballs, smoked bacon, and BBQ sauce always hits the spot. This time, however, I turned these popular balls into a burger variant: the MOINK Burger. Served on a tasty hamburger bun, topped with coleslaw. You’ve got to taste this!

Beercan Burgers

It’s Burger Friday! This time with a unique twist because these burgers have no buns! No buns? Indeed! No buns. These Beercan Burgers are substantial in size and are filled with all sorts of deliciousness. All of this makes a beercan burger a meal in itself. A bun won’t fit anymore, although you’re welcome to try ofcourse!


Brioche burger buns

If you like hamburgers, you’ll agree with me: the bun is just as important as the meat and toppings. A hard bun usually doesn’t do it for me, but a bun shouldn’t be too soft either. It should absorb the juices from the meat and your toppings, but not fall apart. A lot of demands, eh, for a simple sandwich? In my opinion, with this recipe for brioche hamburger buns you have a delicious hamburger bun that does justice to your meat and toppings!

mexican nacho burgers

Mexican Nacho Burgers

Every Friday is Burger Friday, as far as I’m concerned. On this Friday I give you a recipe of mine that is also published in the Dutch Barbecue Magazine 2017: Mexican Nacho Burgers. And the name says it all, these burgers contain everything that is good about Mexican food. Guacamole, nachos, jalapeños, cheddar and ground beef. It doesn’t get any better, does it? Although a cold Mexican beer would also be nice!

Bacon Jam

Yes, this is exactly what the name suggests: spreadable bacon. And it is really good! I bought it in a jar before, but I also came across a recipe on the Internet to make it myself. It didn’t look that difficult at all, so I needed to try it myself. The result is a simple yet highly addictive bacon jam. I use it on burgers, between a grilled cheese sandwich or as a topping for fries. And believe me, when you taste this you really just want to spoon out […]